The Royal Blue 35th Birthday

This years quarantine birthday had so much changes with it. This is from the color of dress choosen to the venue of celebration. Majority of people were very surprised at the color I selected. Blue is definitely not my favorite color but I was able to trust my designer with choosing my style and color for this years outfit.

I was amazed by the turn out of likes and comments on this color and style. Thanks to everyone who liked and commented. I am glad I made a change to the favorite color “Red”. Blue is my new favorite color!

Hubby and I decided to take some weeks off work and away from the kids to celebrate my 35th birthday. We chosed “Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia” and it was an awesome experience.  This was from the customer service to food and view. The view was everything from the room to the pool area. I look forward to visiting again sometime soon.

It really feels the same to me to be 35! I feel the same way only for more accomplishments and growth.They say black don’t crack,  it sure don’t.  I feel 25 if I must confess but 40 is fast approaching huh.

Thanks to everyone who made the day special from my designer to hubby and you all my supporters on Facebook and Instagram. May the things of joy never seize in your homes. Here are some more pictures taken by hubby at the hotel in my royal blue dress. Have fun looking through.



Royal Blue Dress :






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