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I understand this year has been a lot of trial for so many of us healthcare and non-healthcare workers. There are several nurses out there who are struggling to pass Nclex. Nclex is a national state board exam required for nurses to obtain a Registered Nurse (RN) lisence in order to practice. Today, I decided to share with everyone struggling or who may be taking the Nclex exam in the future, some resources that helped me towards passing my Nclex. I would be posting the links to all these resources down below. Please make use of them and thank me later! No one is dumb, you just have to understand the strategy behind the test taking skills.

* First thing is having a positive mind towards success and putting in the work by using few and reliable available resources.

*Second is to register with Mark Kilmek for a tutorial. Mark kilmek is a nurse expert and communicator who has been providing state board Nclex reviews for over 30 years. I love his reviews because he focuses on the crucial things to know. Unlike some other reviews who offers tons of papers to read or memorize. Mark klimek is straight to the point with interesting audio lectures.

*Third is to subscribe for Uworld to help with reviews and Nclex style questions.  There are various plans depending on when your exam date is scheduled. Practice questions daily and focus on rationales.

*Fourth great resource is the Remar Review quick fact for Nclex book. I love the back section with various medications based on their classifications. It is a fill in the space workbook but I only made use of the medication aspect.

*Strategies and test taking skills while critically thinking is very essential towards passing Nclex. There is one of my favorites youtube link for Nclex test taking strategies by Nurse Tutors. All you are required to do is watch and practice with uworld questions on how to select and eliminate answers. It also helps you to understand the select all that apply aspects of the Nclex.

I hope all these resources helps! Feel free to email me or DM me on Instagram for more questions.  I will be willing to assist as much as I can. Good luck to my 2020 nurses!

Link details

Mark Kilmek: Mark Kilmek

Uworld: Uworld

Nclex test strategy: youtube (Nursetutors 11 months ago).

Remar Review: Remar Review


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