Tips for Healthcare workers to prevent spreading Virus at work & after work

Happy New Month people! Dealing with the (Covid19) virus pandemic for the past few weeks has been both challenging and stressful for me. I am challenged with having to wear an N95 mask all the time at work, when I can hardly breathe having it on. Secondly,  I am stressed with the news all over the universe about how the pandemic has taken lives of innocent individuals.  Currently Maryland where I am based is on lockdown for two weeks and the kids are practicing home schooling.  This has been a stressful yet challenging moment for me but I am trusting God for healing and strength for his own people.  Here I am sharing some tips on how we healthcare workers can stay safe at work and avoid spreading the virus after work.

Tips are as follow:

1. Wash your hand after each patient encounter or touching any object from computer to telephone.

2. Put on your gloves at all times and change gloves between each patients.

3. Avoid touching your face at work unless you have washed your hands without touching any object.

4. Use handsanitizer before entering and after leaving patients room.

5. Put extra clean shoes in your trunk to change into before stepping in your car after work. Clean sthetoscopes,  scissors and pens with Clorox wipes before leaving work.

6. Take of your scrubs in the garage at home and put in a plastic bag before stepping inside the house.

7. Put scrubs in washing machine and use hot water/soap.

8. Take a hot shower before contact with anyone. (I use dettol antiseptic in water after shower).

9. Stay indoors if there is no emergent reason to be outside.

10. Use vitamins, eat healthy and drink enough fluids to stay hydrated.

Thanks and I hope these tips will be useful for you all. Check on your fellow healthcare workers. Thanks for all you do and God bless.


Uniform scrubs:(Jaanuubydrneela)












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  1. Aron
    April 20, 2020 / 9:09 pm

    Thanks so much for the tips. Damn u look sexy in your scrubs though. I hope you stay safe babe. X x

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